How It Works


This contest is only open to individual musicians and bands whose members are legal residents of the United States and 18 years of age or older. Between 1 and 5 video submissions per musician or band will be accepted. Your submission must be a video of one original song. No covers will be accepted. Read all of the Eligibility and Submission Requirements in Section 2 and 5 of the Official Rules.



Create your own Get Out of the Garage Video Submission channel by clicking on the GET STARTED NOW button. Read Section 4 of the Official Rules on details for registering.



You can create an original video or you can submit one that you already have. The video must first be uploaded onto YouTube. Once you have created and uploaded the video onto YouTube or designated which video you'd like to submit, simply copy and paste the video's URL into your channel's UPLOAD MANAGER, and select Music from the menu when prompted. You can submit up to five videos but you must designate a preferred submission by placing it in the #1 spot on your channel's timeline. The video must be no longer than 10 minutes in length and the song must be an original work.


get your friends to watch and share your CHANNEL

Get as many people as you can — your family, your friends, your co-workers... Get EVERYBODY to watch and SHARE your channel. SHARE your channel on your Facebook page, put it on your personal website, or even use Twitter to promote your channel to all of your friends by clicking the icon on your channel page. While not the only thing that matters; views and shares can only help your contest rank. Each week during the contest period, five submissions with the most online activity will be selected guaranteeing a total of 50 submissions review by the judging panel. For more details about how the winner is chosen, read section 6 of the Official Rules.



Performances will be evaluated by the Judging Panel and Dev Hynes based on the following criteria: technique, authenticity, originality, and style.



5 finalists will be hand-selected by Dev Hynes and the judging panel to perform live at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, NY. From there Dev Hynes will chose the 1 grand prize winner.



• A trip to Brooklyn to record a three (3) song EP at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, produced by Dev Hynes

• $25,000 cash

• 1 Album Distribution AND Publishing Administration Service for the collection of songwriter compositions from around the world by TuneCore

• A performance slot at The Fader Fort presented by Convers in Austin, TX

• A feature on an AT: Guitar Center Podcast with Nic Harcourt

• Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster

• Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster

• Fender American Vintage '65 Jazzmaster

• Fender American Vintage '58 Precision Bass

• Martin D-18 Retro Acoustic

• Vox AC30C2 Tube Combo Amp

• Vox VT20PLUS Combo Amp

• Vox AmPhones Twin Headphones

• Shure Mic Grand Prize Pack (includes: 1qty Beta 91A, 1qty Beta 56A, 1qty Beta 57A, 1qty SM7B)

• 1-year Ernie Ball String and Accessories Endorsement Deal (subject to Ernie Ball's specific terms and parameters)

• Gretsch USA Custom Kit

• Zildjian Cymbal Set Up (Winner's choice *excluding K Cons: 1qty Hi Hat, 1aty Ride, 2qty Crashes, 1qty EFX or China)

• 3-Full Sets of Evans Drum Batter

• 1-Full Set of Evans Resonant Heads

• 72 Paris of Customize Promark Sticks

• 4-Pairs of Promark Rods

• Promark + Evans Apparel Pack (includes: 1aty Evans Backpack, 4qty Evans T-Shirts, 4qty Promark T-Shirts)

• Dunlop Grand Prize Pack (includes: 2qty M169 Carbon Copy, 2qty M75 Super Badass Distortion, 2qty GCB95 Crybaby, 1qty 105Q Bass Wah,1qty M83 Bass Chorus, and 1qty M89 Bass Overdrive)

• 1000 Custom Print Dunlop Guitar Picks



*These are not awarded to the weekly ranked top 5.

• Fender Cabronita Telecaster Thinline

• Fender Pawn Shop ‘70s Stratocaster Deluxe

• Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Custom Electric

• Fender Classic Series ‘70s Precision Bass

• Martin D-15 Acoustic

• Vox AC15C1 Tube Combo Amp

• Vox Mini5 Rhythm Practice Amp

• Vox AmPhones Twin Headphones

• Shure Mic Finalist Prize Pack (includes: 2qty SM58s, 2qty SM57s, 1 Beta52A, 1SM27)

• 1-year Supply of Ernie Ball Strings

• Gretsch 6-Piece Catalina Maple Kit

• Zildjian Professional Box Set (Winner's Choice: A-Series, A-Custom, K-Series, or K-Custom Hybrid)

• 1-Full Set of Evans Drum Batter Heads

• 1-Full Set of Evans Drum Resonant Heads

• 24-Pairs of Promark Sticks (Winner's Choice)

• Pro-Mark + Evans Apparel Pack (includes: 2qty Promark T-Shirts, 2qty Evans T-Shirts)

• Dunlop Finalist Prize Pack (includes: 1qty GCB95 Crybaby, 1qty M169 Carbon Copy, and 1qty M83 Bass Chorus)